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How to Choose New Golf Grips

Choices, choices, choices! What to choose in a golf grip these days is the biggest question as the variety in materials, colors,and manufacturers is extremely vast compared to about 20 years ago when there were only a few choices on the market.

The first element you want to consider in how to choose new golf grips is finding the right size golf grips that fit your hands. A female junior golfer would not use the same size grip as a 6’-9” male golfer.

So how do you find the right size golf grip for your hand? The grip needs to be positioned in your hands so when you’ve taken hold of the club with your left hand the pinkie, ring finger, and middle finger will just barely touch your heel pad. If your last three fingers don’t touch the heel pad then the grip is too big for you and conversely if the last three fingers are digging into your heel pad then the grip is too small for you.

Most golf grips taper from being wider at the butt end of the club to smaller as they make their way down the shaft toward the club head. Make sure you are gripping the club at the butt end when measuring for the right size golf grips.

When you are buying new golf grips, it is important to discuss with the person who will be installing the grips how many wraps of tape you want under the grip. You might find the right size golf grip, but if you have not had the tape discussion you may end up with a golf grip that is a lot larger than the one you held in your hands before it was installed on your golf club.

Double-sided tape is wrapped diagonally around the shaft under the golf grip so it adheres to both the shaft and the inside of the golf grip. The tape is one thickness for one wrap and a little thicker once the second wrap is applied on top of the first wrap and so on. Make certain you have this important tape wrapping discussion to determine how many wraps of tape will be under each of the grips in your set of golf clubs. You want them to all be uniform in feel.

Performance of the grips ability to stay in your hands is paramount in choosing golf grips. You need to put several grips in your hands to determine whether you prefer the feel of leather, rubber, or polyurethane.

You will notice from the picture a small sample of some of the most popular golf grips on the market today. There are price tags on the grips that may sway your decision in choice of golf grips as well.

What color golf grips will you choose? Do you want your favorite football team colors and logos on your grips? Do you want your favorite color on the grips? Do you want a design pattern that will show you where your hands need to be placed on the golf grip?

How to choose golf grips for your putter is another personal preference decision you will need to make. Putter grips come in all sizes, colors, designs, and shapes. Again, you will want to put the various putter grips in your hands to get a feel for what the real thing would allow your hands to do in the putting motion.

Choosing the right size golf grip and the preferred material can make a difference in how the club face is controlled through impact, and thus how well you score!

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