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Cleaning Golf Grips Leads to Lower Golf Scores... Here's How

Spring is upon us and guess what that means? Spring Cleaning! Time to head to the garage, pull out your golf clubs, and determine how they weathered the winter.

The first thing to check on your golf clubs is the condition of the grips. More than likely after sitting all winter in a cold garage they will be dusty so cleaning the grips will be a good place to start in preparing for your first round of golf this year. Let’s take a look at how to clean the grips on golf clubs.

Start by filling up a sink with hot, soapy water; dish washing solution works very well for cleaning grips. Either the kitchen sink or a laundry room sink will be fine, you just need plenty of room to do your work.

Now take all the clubs out of the bag and put them, with the grip end, in the hot, soapy water to let them soak for about 10 minutes. Get a small steel brush and begin cleaning each grip individually with the brush and hot, soapy water. Once all the grips are cleaned drain the water from the sink and throughly rinse each grip in hot water.

After you are through cleaning the grips towel dry each one individually and set them on the counter or lean them up against the wall to air dry for about an hour before using them to play golf.

It is a great idea to rinse and repeat the above procedure several times throughout the year, depending upon where you live and how often you play golf. Not only do the golf clubs get dusty from sitting in the garage but they also get slick and worn from the oils in our hands and the layers of lotions, creams, sunblocks, etc., we put on our skin. Cleaning the golf grips will give them a tacky feel and allow you to hold on to them more securely for much better contact with the golf ball at impact and lower golf scores!

Next time you watch a golf tournament on television notice how the players use a towel to dry or clean their grips before making a golf shot. You will also see the Caddy cleaning the grips before they put the club back in the player’s golf bag.

Another place cleaning grips will help your golf game is in your wallet! Cleaning your grips more often, rather than having to replace your grips because you neglected to care for them properly, will keep more money in your pocket for greens fees and the more you play the lower your scores will be.

So now you know how to clean the grips on golf clubs. Remember, your only connection to the golf club is through your hands, and your hands control your club face, and your club face tells your ball where to go. This means you need a clean grip to ensure the golf club will be securely in your grip from the start of the swing until your ball lands at its final destination.

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