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Re-Gripping Golf Clubs

When was the last time you re-gripped your golf clubs? Last month? Last year? Five years ago?

Re-gripping your golf clubs allows you to grip the club and have it remain stable in your hands for better club face control and ultimately directional control of your golf ball.

How often you play golf will determine how many times per year you change your golf club grips. If you are only playing 5 times per year the grips "should" remain in pretty good shape and only require changing once every 2 years.

You can install golf grips yourself or take them to a golf shop and have them re-gripped.

There is a cost associated when taking them to a golf shop as opposed to you simply paying for the grips and re-gripping them yourself.

The question becomes, how valuable is your time because the process itself is fairly simple.

So if you are short on time, and you choose to install golf grips yourself, you will need to have some materials.

You will need the new grips, double-sided tape, utility knife, mineral spirits or grip solvent, and a vice if you have access to one. Here's an article on how to choose new golf grips if you need it.

For this example let’s say you don’t have access to a vice and you want to change the golf grips yourself to save a little money.

Take one of your golf clubs and hold it straight up vertically and then place it on a table or workbench. Using the utility knife start at the smaller end of the grip and strip the grip off the shaft.
Next you will need to remove any old grip tape, on the shaft, you found under the grip you just removed.

Use a razor blade to scrape the old tape off the shaft.

Now clean the shaft with the grip solvent or mineral spirits and dry the shaft.
Next, take the double-sided tape and again starting at the smaller end of the shaft begin wrapping the tape, diagonally, down the shaft until you get to the butt-end of the shaft.

Once there you will tear the tape off. Make sure the double-sided tape is the same size as the grip.

Now that the sticky side of the tape is on the shaft, peel the outer paper off the double-sided tape.
Once at the butt-end of the shaft, place any remaining tape into the end of the shaft.

Make sure the end of the shaft is covered completely with the tape as the end of the shafts tend to be sharp and may cut through the butt-end of the grip if not covered completely.

Be very careful not to touch the grip to anything at this point because you will mess up the sticky surface and probably have to start over.

Place your finger over the air hole at the end of the new grip. Pour a small amount of grip solvent into the grip and then cover the other end of the grip with your other hand/finger.

Slosh the solvent around on the inside of the grip for a minute and then pour the excess over the double-sided tape that is on the shaft.
Are you beginning to see why you might have an easier time of it should you be using a vice?
Now you are ready to install the golf grip. Push it all the way on so it covers the double-sided tape.
Turn the club handle side closest to the floor and gently tap to make sure the grip is all the way on to the butt-end of the shaft.
At this point it is very important to align the grip on the shaft so the small dots, or other markings, are all lined up with the top side of the club (top of the club is facing up when the toe of the club is pointing up towards the sky as you hold it straight out in front of you).
Let the grip dry for a couple of hours. Rinse and repeat for all the golf grips in your golf bag. That’s how easy it is to re-grip golf clubs!

Now let's play golf and have some fun!

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