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Hey, sometimes everyone just wants a quick tip or two to help their golf game, and that's what these articles here are for. We'll talk a little about things like your golf swing, and how it's importnat to grip your golf club correctly (more important that you might think).Feel free to read through.

If you're ready for more than just free golf tips on the internet, take a look at Nancy's book How to Learn Golf Your Way. This book is chock-full of proven techniques that will help you improve your game on your terms. If you're not ready for the book yet, you could sign up to the right for the Golf Tips newsletter.. you'll get a series of emails with helpful golf tips and instruction in your inbox that take just a few minutes to read each.

Or feel free to choose from one of the articles below:

Free golf tips

Golf Swing Tips and Instruction

Proper Golf Grip

Golf Instruction

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I am Nancy Stuart, an LPGA Teaching Professional. I am an
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I have been playing, studying and teaching this great game for over 25 years. All my years of experience allow me to coach and guide you to become your own best teacher. Read more >>

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