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Free Golf Tips - How to tell good from bad, and a few good ones!

How many times have you been at the driving range and everyone you meet wants to give you free golf tips, whether you need or want them?  When was the last time you went to the grocery store and everyone you ran into wanted to give you free shopping tips, or free car wash tips at the do-it-yourself car wash?  
It is a very strange, and common, occurrence that everybody at the driving range wants to give free golf tips to their friends and even strangers for that matter.  Everybody is an expert and they are sharing their knowledge whether it is right, wrong, works, doesn't work, looks pretty, looks ugly, etc.  I love this about the driving range and wish all of us would adhere to this principle in the rest of our lives more often, and we just might have a more helpful and friendly world to live in.

The next time you are at the driving range and someone approaches you with the latest and greatest free tip of the day, you may want to use some of the questions I always ask myself when anyone wants to give me any free tips, and free golf tips in particular, and they are as follows.  Why does this person want to help me? How might what they are telling me help me? How is this person qualified to help me or in other words what are their credentials?

Golf tips for beginners can be very helpful provided the person delivering the information is qualified to do so.  I am very fortunate to have had a few free golf tips given to me when I was first playing the game and this eventually put me in contact with a golf professional who elevated my game to the professional level. The point being the person giving me the tips was a golf professional himself.  So the next time you are approached make sure you ask the qualifying questions of the person offering their advice so you are not wasting your effort on the wrong information.

I AM qualified to give you FREE golf tips so here you go.  Hitting the green in regulation (G.I.R.) means on a Par 3 you are on the green in one shot, on a Par 4 you are on the green in 2 shots and on a Par 5 you are on the green in 3 shots.  Suppose you had 2 putts per hole on all 18 greens, your total putts for the day would be 36.  36 is half of the total Par of 72.  The lesson here is you need to spend half of your practice time working on your putting.


Place 5 golf balls in a line, evenly spaced, on the putting green.  This golf tip or drill is called “School.”  The objective is to get all 5 balls, in a row, into the cup without missing.  If you miss you must start over at the first ball or 1st grade.  Once you have made all 5 balls in a row then you make the “School” bigger, the balls farther apart.  This tip will help your putting average come down thus your overall score will be much lower and you will have more fun!

Some other great sources for Free Golf Tips and “Quick Fixes” would be the internet, YouTube, the Golf Channel, and major network affiliates such as NBC, ABC, CBS, and ESPN.

Free golf tips are a great way to make changes in your golf swing and game just remember, make sure you are watching and listening to LPGA and PGA professionals who will truly add value and benefit to you and your golf game!

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