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Golf Swing Instruction...Driver Swing Tips

Do you want to hit your tee shot off the planet? Do you want consistency and accuracy with your driver every time you step up on the tee box so you know exactly where your ball will go?

It is really fun to hit the ball far, consistently, and with pinpoint precision every time you take a mighty swing with the “Big Dawg”!

I’m going to give you a few secret golf swing tips that will have you painting pictures with your golf ball everywhere you want to be on your masterpiece canvas!

The first driver swing tip is exactly that; it is a swing and not a hit. The biggest killer of club head speed is the intention to hit the ball as hard as you can rather than swinging the club head as an effect of transferring balance to the back side, then to the front side with the club finally swinging through and traveling along for the ride.

Watch a child swinging a golf club the next time you are at the driving range. You will notice they have a very simple, rhythmical, fluid swinging motion. There is no intent to crush the ball to pieces. The child simply transfers their balance to the back side, then to the front side and finally the golf club follows along for the ride. A true golf swing is an uninterrupted motion with the golf ball getting in the way of the golf club.

A second driver golf swing tip is to stand with your feet together then take a step to the right and swing the club head up over your right shoulder. Now, with your club still over your right shoulder, take a step to the left foot and then allow the club head to swing and strike the ball ONLY after you have transferred your balance to the left by taking a step to the left. This 3-step motion is all that is required for an uninterrupted swinging motion of the golf club.

The driver in the hands tends to create a radical shift into the “hit” mode mentality. Accuracy and consistency vanish when this hit mindset takes over. Remember one thing about the game of golf and that is, less is more. The lighter the grip pressure on the driver the farther the ball goes. The less we try to hit the driver the more control and accuracy will be found as the ball finds the center of the fairway.

    Here is a third driver swing tip. Next time you are at the driving range working on your driver start out by keeping your feet as close together as possible. This will deactivate your lower body as you are only going to drill in the motion of the hands/wrists/forearms controlling the club head.

Now swing your club head up over your back shoulder by hinging your wrists and rotating your forearms, then let it unhinge in the wrists to create a downswing, next you will rotate your forearms so the club face strikes the ball squarely, and immediately upon striking the ball re-hinge your wrists up over your front shoulder.

You want to see the ball curving from right to left (for right handed golfers) when you have made the proper swinging motion with your driver. You do not care about distance at this point in the drill. You do care about consistency and accuracy of the ball flight as you watch for the proper curving direction from right to left. Make sure the ball goes no more than 20 yards for this drill with your driver.

Next you will separate your feet about 6 inches, then 12 inches and eventually after you are making solid contact with the driver at the bottom of the ball, and the right to left curving direction is visible, slowly make your feet wide enough to accommodate your desired amount of balance transfer for the distance your eyes see for the particular intended target.

You want to creep up on the big swing with the driver. You want the accuracy, consistency, and certainty of knowing exactly where you are going every time you step up to the tee box with your driver!

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